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Anzymite in Aquaculture  
• Purifies water quality of pond and absorbs the stink rapidly
• Improves mud of pond to make a best ventilation for soil
• Absorbs organic materials of water unhealthy environment for fish
• Increases Oxygen capacity rapidly to ensure the health of fish and shrimps
• Helps shrimps to change the shell easier
• Prevents the disease to promote the growth and increases the density of breeding quantity
• Assists to get rid of the soil smell after 3-4 days of application
• The efficacy is good not only in fish and shrimp ponds, but in Loach(Mudfish), Clam, Milk Fish pond

• Creates an excellent water quality to give planktons a favorite breeding environment
• Absorbs the overdoses elemental products of pond rapidly and decreases the degree of poisoning of pond and the concentration of bacteria and the chemical product in the water of the pond
• Absorbs heavy metals in water

1) When the pond is exposed under the sun , apply 1 bag per 0.1 hectares
2) Uses after culturing post larva:
     a. The first month: 1-2 bags per 0.1 hectare
     b. The second month: 1-2 bags per 0.1 hectare every twenty days
     c. The third month: 1-2 bags per 0.1 hectare every fifteen days
     d. The forth month: 1 bag per 0.1 hectare every 7-10 days

40 kgs / bag

Since the product has a high capacity of absorption, please do not place it by the pesticides and radioactive emitting materials in order to prevent the product from absorbing chemical products imperceptibly.

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