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Boo-Pad® as a Natural Deodorizer  
Boo-Pad® is used as a variety of products to remove both excess moisture and undesirable odors. Boo-Pad has a large capacity to absorb moisture of any kind. It also absorbs unwanted nasty odors and has plenty of useful applications at home. It is used as an eliminator of pet odors, as a fridge and freezer freshener, as a carpet deodorizer, as a remover of shoe, cupboard, wardrobe and suitcase odors, an ammonia remover from aquarium and bird cages, a deodorizer of damp moldy areas, a deodorizer in trash and garbage baskets, for mattress, in ashtrays, in medicine cabinets, in the basements, in tool boxes, in air-conditioning filters, in bathrooms & restrooms. In fact, Boo-Pad can be used in almost any situation where moisture or odor is a problem. One of the most distinguished features of Boo-Pad is that it is harmless o human and to animals' health.
• Boo-Pad® as pet odor eliminator eliminates the nasty animal smells from the environment and from the pet's beddings. To use in your dog or cat litter box, just sprinkle, this odorless, safe and natural mineral. Chicken coops and manure droppings are also cleaned from ammonia and moisture by Boo-Pad. By sprinkling a layer of Boo-Pad on them create a healthier environment for the pets and animals.
• Boo-Pad® can be placed in breathable bags in your shoes immediately after use. It will begin to absorb perspiration odor or moisture upon contact and extend life of your shoes. It works well in athletic sacks, boots and goulashes as well. For best result, leave it in the shoes overnight. Boo-Pad is also effective in closets to trap musty smelling. Place it in the breathable bags on the shelf of your closet.
• Boo-Pad® as a fridge and freezer freshener stops odors and extends the life of your food in the refrigerator. The outcome will turn out so effective that you will need it as a must for your home fridge or any commercial fridges.

• Boo-Pad® as a carpet deodorizer removes musty, pet and any kinds of odors form your carpet. It is easy to use, just sprinkle the fine powder on your carpet and it will work astonishingly. Then remove the powder by the vacuum cleaner after some time.
• Boo-Pad® can be used in aquarium filters and in birds cages and aviaries to absorb dissolved ammonia produced by fish and to remove moisture and odor of the bird’s droppings.
• Boo-Pad® can be used to dry and deodorize most damp odoriferous moldy areas
• Boo-Pad® keeps your garbage smells to a minimum. To use it, just sprinkle it into the trash baskets between the layers of garbage.
• Boo-Pad® cleans bedding and launders as usual. To use it, sprinkle an ample amount of Boo-Pad over the urine-soaked area of mattress. Let it remain for approximately 12 hours and then vacuum it up. The stain and the odor is completely gone.
• Boo-Pad® can be poured in the home, car and truck ashtrays to eliminate tobacco odors, and functions as an aid to extinguish cigars and cigarette butts.
• Boo-Pad® in breathable bags in your medicine cabinets keeps all types of medication fresh. By absorbing moisture it reduces the potentially detrimental risk to prescribed pills, aspirin and vitamins.
• Boo-Pad® can be experimented in your basements. Dampness and darkness are dangerous combination. Dangerous mold and mildew can form in numerous places there. Experiment with Boo-Pad. Clean up liquid by sprinkling Boo-Pad over them, let them set and then sweep and vacuum up. Place Boo-Pad in the buckets and open containers or breathable bags to absorb odors and moisture; hence getting rid of mold and mildew.
• Boo-Pad® saves your most expensive tools from getting rusted. It will effectively absorb humidity and other moisture. Put several breathable bags in your toolbox. Replace them from time to time.
• Boo-Pad® is equally effective in air conditioning filters. You have as many odor and moisture problems in RVs, campers, homes and boats and all of these are circulated in a small confined area. Hang bags using clothes hanger, or wire inside and behind the air-conditioning filters. Do not restrict air circulation. Air should flow freely around the Boo-Pad bags. Enjoy the fresh air.
• Boo-Pad® is used in bathrooms and restrooms to pleasantly surprise you by enjoying natural fresh air, since hanging Boo-Pad in the bathrooms or restrooms will absorb the urine generated odors and moisture and keep the area smelling clean and fresh without perfume sprays pumping out one smell to cover another.

 Where & Why
To Use

Use Rate

How To Use

How long to Use

Rooms - Home or Office Smoke & cooking odors, pet odors, perfumes, paints, or chemical odors.

1-2 kg. per sq meter until odors are gone, then 1 kg. per sq. meter for maintenance.
They are available in small and big breathable bags

Hang the breathable bags in rooms, place between books, hang between clothes in wardrobes, hang behind doors in bathrooms and laundry- do not block the normal air flow.

Replace them after 10-14 days

Heating & Air Conditioning Vents - Prevents odor transfer from room to room.

1/2 kg. per small vent. 1kg. per large vent.

Boo-Pad is used as the component of the filter by the manufacturers.
It can be hanged, in the bags provided, just in back of the filtering systems. You need o be careful not to block the free air flow into the filters.  

Discard Boo-Pad with filter in case it is used in filters.

Replace the bags after 10-14 days 

Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery - Pet silage, food spills, chemical odors from outgassing of new materials.

2-6 cups per sq. meter. The use varies based on severity of spoilage and odors.

Sprinkle directly on odorous carpets and rugs or pet beds and new furniture or even new beds.

Wait 45 minutes or up to 24 hours. Vacuum.

Closets, Wardrobes, Storage Boxes & Bags, Drawers & Cabinets - Smoke, mildew, mustiness, excessive moisture.

Storage areas like these are usually more densely packed; they may require 3 -5 pairs of breathable bags in each space to avoid moisture or odors.

Hang or place in areas where air flow is not restricted, and/or lay on top of stored items or in with the stored items. Use liberally.

Replace the bags after 7 days.

Bathroom & Laundry - Mildew, mustiness, bathroom odors, excessive moisture.

4-6 pairs of the breathable bags for airborne areas.
Or just use Boo-Pad powder

Use "S" hook to hang on backside of the doors and in hampers.
Sprinkle powder around tubs, toilets, and washing machines.

Replace the bags after 5-7 days.
Collect or wash the powder away the breathable bags of Boo-Pad within 24 hours.

Nursery - Diaper pails, spills, spoilage, common nursery odors.

1kg. per sq. meter. for odor control.

2 to 6 tsp. per 1/4 sq. meter. on carpeted areas.

50-70 gr. in pails.

Hang in rooms, do not block normal air flow. Use "S" hooks to hang in diaper pails.
In severe cases add some powder to pail and wash out powder by rinsing twice.

Remove the bags within 5 days.
Vacuum the powder within 24 hours

Sports Lockers & Gyms - Foot & mildew odors as well as preventing cracking and mildew in footwear.

Use 2-4 pairs of breathable bags of Boo-Pad in lockers.
2-3 pairs of breathable bags of Boo-Pad in a gym bag.  1-2 of the same bags in each shoe.
Use the sufficient amount of Boo-Pad in different areas of the gyms to prevent the built-up of sweat odor in the indoor areas. The suggested amount is 2-3 kg per sq. meters.

Hang or lay the units of Boo-Pad in locker, lay in gym bag.

Sprinkle powder in shoes or use breathable bags when your shoes are not in use.

Use the Boo-Pad granules in the containers which have extended areas.

Use the Boo-Pad bags in lockers for 5-7 days.

Use the bags in the shoes overnight.

Discard the granules used in the indoor area of the gym after 2-3 days.

Walk-In Coolers & Refrigerated Display Cases -
Odor control extends shelf life of meat, fish, fruit, flowers, vegetables, eggs and dairy.

1 kg. per 1 sq. meter. until odors are gone, then 2 kg. Per 2 sq. meters. for maintenance.

Hang the large breathable bags in the areas of maximum air flow or in return vents. The suggested units will prevent cross contamination of fish smells.

Replace them within 4 days

Vehicles -
Boo-Pad helps to alleviate fumes in passenger and Recreational vehicles and boats from outgassing of vinyl, paneling, odors from hunting, fishing, mildew, etc. Helps to absorb the toxic deodorizing agents used by previous owners as well as smoke and tobacco odors.

1/2 to 1 kg. per vehicle. 6 to 10 tsp. per sq. meter. on carpeted areas.

Place the suggested units under front seats of vehicle. Sprinkle on carpeted areas

Vacuum after 24 hours.
the powder sprinkled

Domestic Animals - Control pet urine and excrement waste odors of all types in home and kennel.
Boo-Pad can then be used to reduce flies in outdoor runs by absorbing excess fluids.

1/2 to 1 kg. per 1 sq. meter in outdoor areas.

400gr in litter mixture.

1.5-2 kg, in case Boo-Pad to be used as a litter itself

Use suggested units in small kennels and pet sleeping areas. Sprinkle in litter boxes and on runs.

Boo-Pad sprinkled in animal houses needs to be collected within 7 days.

In case Boo-Pad is used as a component of the litter, discard it with the litter.

Boo-Pad as a litter needs to be replaced after 7 days

Trash/Garbage/Compost Bins- Eliminates odors from waste materials, controls flies. Great amendment for organic compost.

4-6 cup of the powder in trash containers.
1 cup of powder in compost pails.

Sprinkle powder in and around trash bins.

Add to garbage used for compost, or hang around trash areas.

Discard Boo-Pad with the garbage

Shoes & Boots - Eliminates odors from sweat and foot fungus, and mildew from footwear. Soothes tired feet.

1-2 pairs of the breathable bags in each shoe or boot.
Or, sprinkle directly on foot.

Place the bags in the shoes.
Or, sprinkle powder in shoes, boots, on feet. Shake out over trash before wearing. Rub gently between toes.

Place the breathable bag in the shoes overnight
Wash, collect or clean the powder away when odor or the moist in gone

In aquariums and bird cages

100-15 gr.  per sq. meter at the bottom of aquariums

with the rate of 50/50 as a component of aquarium filters

half a cup per 40 square centimeters at the bottom of bird cages

To absorb poisonous ammonium sprinkle Boo-Pad onto the bottom surface of aquariums.

The filter manufacturers use Boo-Pad as a component within filters.

At the cage of birds it will help to absorb odor and moist without any risk to their lives.

Replace Boo-Pad in the aquariums after 3-5 days.

Discard filters with Boo-Pad inside, after being exhausted.

After a week replace Boo-Pad used in the birdcage.

In the basements, storehouses and dark spaces

1 kg per sq. meters

Sprinkle Boo-Pad, at the amount mentioned, onto the floors of the basements, storehouses and dark spaces where it is supposed that there could be moist, mildew etc.

Replace Boo-Pad after 5-7 days and it will guarantee the well-being of your things stored in those areas.

In the ashtrays of your house, office or car

A teaspoon full

Used in the ashtrays it will help you to remove smoke odor from the ash and help to extinguish the cigarette easily.

Discard Boo-Pad with the ash

In the toolboxes, cases of musical instruments and other boxes.

2-4 pairs of breathable Boo-Pad bags.

Put the breathable bags in the boxes/cases and it will keep your valuable, expensive instruments safe by absorbing the moist.

Replace the bags after 7-10 days.

Refrigerators & Freezers - Saves energy. Absorbs odors. Promotes freshness. Food lasts longer. Eliminates ice crystals.

Use 3-4 pairs of breathable bags in fridge on different shelves
Use 2 pairs of bags with green veggies to avoid ripening and mold
Use 2 pairs of bags with fruit bowl to avoid ripening as Boo-Pad absorbs the ethylene gases

Place in the areas of highest air circulation, normally the second shelf at the rear of refrigerator and with sections storing veggies and freezer

Replace them after 4-7 days

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