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Other uses of Natural Zeolite  
In the text Clinoptilolite and Natural Zeolite are used interchangeably referring to the same mineral.
• This natural mineral removes carbon dioxide from contaminated and sour natural gases , sweetens & purifies them through the removal of impurities, since it acts as a molecular sieve.
• Clinoptilolite, the major component of our NZ, is used to separate Oxygen and Nitrogen in pressure swing absorption columns.
• The high heat absorption and ability to hydrate and dehydrate, while maintaining structural stability, have been found to be useful in various heat storage and solar refrigeration systems.
• A hydroscopic nature coupled with an inherent exothermic reaction when taken from a dehydrated to hydrated form (heat of absorption) makes natural Zeolites effective in the storage of solar and waste heat energy.

• Our product can also be used in manufacturing of paper as fillers. The filler degrees of Zeolite have a large potential for utilization in the paint and plastic industries as well.
• Zeolites' typical application includes as an ingredient in dimension stone, light weight aggregate and pozzolan.
• Natural Zeolite is utilized to clean up spills around drilling rigs, pumps, pipelines in oilfields. This has also been proved efficient in oil refinery waste water treatment.
• Model cracking studies using hexadecane indicate that these modified mineral Zeolites may, in fact, be more active agents than undiluted premium commercial FCC catalyst. Natural Zeolite also offers promise for partial upgrading schemes to reduce in-field solvent requirements and enhance initial product quality. It is an economical means of concentrating gases like NOx , CO2 and various hydrocarbons. As mentioned, it assists in Hydrogen or Chlorine drying, assists in chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbon purification, catalysis and natural gas separation.
• Our product is effective when used in pet areas to deodorize cat, dog, bird and other pet spills. It is excellent in litter boxes for pets.
• Natural Zeolite is effectual when laid down in animal bedding or stall areas after clean out.
• As bedding it reduces backwash time and has higher loading capacity than sand. When Zeolite is used in place of sand, there is less eye burning because it exchanges ammonium from urine directly into the crystal lattice where it is not water soluble. This results in less chlorine use and fewer formed chloramines ¬†that burn the eyes. Its life expectancy is the same as sand.
• Clinoptilolite is useful in shops, garages, and barns for floor cleanup. The material is spread on the floor and then simply swept up. It efficiently absorbs and deodorizes fluids including oil, gasoline, antifreeze, alcohol, water, and a wide variety of other organic and inorganic fluids.
• Zeolite in breathable zeolite bags can be placed in the smoking area and in the ashtrays to minimize odors.
• Clinoptilolite in breathable zeolite bags placed in closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements will deodorize clothes hampers, diaper pails, wastebaskets, medicine cabinets, chemical storage areas. In the kitchen it will deodorize refrigerators and freezers, food storage areas, trash storage containers, and absorb spills on the floors or other areas.
• Our natural zeolite in breathable zeolite bags can be placed in an automobile to eliminate smoking odor and excess moisture when used as a desiccant.

40 kgs / bag

Since the product has a high capacity of absorption, please do not place it by the pesticides and radioactive emitting materials in order to prevent the product from absorbing chemical products imperceptibly.

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