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Anzymite in Broilers, Breeders & Layers  
• Increases feed digestibility and nutrition utilization in gastro-intestinal tract
• Improves the growth rate
• Increases meat and egg production rate
• Improves feed efficacy, hence decreasing feed conversion ratio.
• Acts as a mycotoxins binder especially aflatoxin.
• Absorbs toxic heavy metals, such as Lead, Cadmium etc. in water, feed stuff and in the body of animal
• Decreases moisture of animal waste and its viscosity in the gut lumen and regulates the speed of the nutrients in the gut lumen.
• Decreases the risk of Coccidiosis by controlling and decreasing the moisture of the manure.
• Adsorbs ammonia and NH3, hence reduction of the volume of the harmful gases in the air and improvement of the health

• Inhibits the harmful effects of ammonia, such as decreasing egg shell thickness and strength, in the breathing air and prevent respiratory diseases
• Lowers feed expense due to the low price of Anzymite
• Can be substituted for maize and seed meal in the feed of animal
• Regulates Calcium and Phosphorous absorption and consequently improves egg shell quality

You can use Anzymite in two ways :
First: Over the top : This means that adding the suitable amount of the Anzymite in the prepared feed without changing the ratio of any other ingredients.
Second: Exchange way : This means that you can decrease the amount of corn or wheat at the same amount of added Anzymite in feed. In this way the cost of feed decreases significantly.

40 kgs / bag

Since the product has a high capacity of absorption, please do not place it by the pesticides and radioactive emitting materials in order to prevent the product from absorbing chemical products imperceptibly.

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