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Anzymite in Dairy Cows, Steers and Pigs  
• Favors the intestinal absorption as it produces a reduction in the passage of feed through the digestive tract
• Cleans the environment through the absorption of toxic gases and the elimination of bad odor and humidity of the bed
• Absorbs heavy metals in water and feed stuff and prevents the creation of metal binding proteins
• Reduces acidosis in dairy cows and activates rumen micro-organisms
• Reduces dysentery and minimizes newborn mortality
• Creates balance in consumptive urea in the ration and converts it into absorbable protein
• Increases milk and fat and consequently renders much profit
• Helps the better digestion, more appetite and weight gain of steers up to 10%
• Prevents the probable pollution due to humidity
• Prevents fungous poisonings, esp. that of aflatoxin


Add 1 to 1.5 gram of Anzymite per kilogram of body weigh.
or add 3 to 5 percents of Anzymite to the feed. ( Add 5% Anzymite to the feed of the large amount milk producers cows  and 3%to the feed of the other ruminants)

40 kgs / bag

Since the product has a high capacity of absorption, please do not place it by the pesticides and radioactive emitting materials in order to prevent the product from absorbing chemical products imperceptibly.

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